Operation Nativity


It’s quite something trying to hide an angel’s halo beneath a tea cosy. Then again, to have to explain the purpose of a tea cosy or indeed, the notion of jeans of the rules of Uno are all things Oscar doesn’t expect to be doing over Christmas spent at the grandparents Cuthbert- Anderson.

It seems his parents were not keen to attend this year anyway, largely because of the family’s annual village nativity. It seems this production is full of angst and competitive spirit. However these fears are overwhelmed for Oscar and his little sister, Molly, by the sudden, thumping arrival of the Angel Gabriel, a few days before Christmas. It seems the angel has wrongly programmed the arrival of the infant Jesus. What’s more, he’s managed to lose track of not only time, but Mary, Joseph, shepherd Steve, the Wise Man Balthazar and the donkey, Donald. They’re somewhere about the village of Chipping Bottom, but it’s up to Oscar and Molly to recover them while keeping the angel hidden! It’s a tall order and that’s all before Mrs Tadworth’s unwanted gift of Grandma turkey arrives!

Bookwagon loves the seasonal flurries, the familiar strains of the season and family relationships, alongside the laughs, misunderstandings, imagination and tenderness shown in Operation Nativity. We recommend this book as an ideal choice for reading and sharing at Christmas, loving and gifting, too.

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Operation Nativity

Jenny Pearson, illustrated by Katie Kear


It’s one thing to have no option but to attend Christmas with the grandparents Cuthbert- Anderson. However, it’s another thing to have to feature in their annual village nativity. Then again, it’s quite something to be awakened by ‘WHOOOOOSSHHH’  and a ”WHOOOOOOOOOOOOMPH’ indicating the crash-landing of the Angel Gabriel!
It seems that Oscar and his little sister Molly are instrumental in saving Operation Nativity. Somehow, inexplicably, the Angel Gabriel has time travelled Mary, Joseph, shepherd Steve, Balthazar and the donkey, Donald to 21st century Chipping Bottom. What’s more, without the help of Oscar and Molly, Christmas is doomed!
Therefore, how might Oscar and Molly hide a beatific angel, capture a supposed sheep poacher and rescue a wise man? It seems he’s unhappy with the myrrh he’s chosen as the the baby Jesus’s gift. What’s more, Mary and Joseph seem to be heading to one of the two Bethlehems in Britain, but which one? Then again, it appears that Mrs Tadworth has something to do with the arrival of Grandmother’s prize live turkey…. it’s all a bit of a kerfuffle!
Jenny Pearson presents a story of laughs and tenderness that Bookwagon recommends highly for Christmas reading. After such acclaimed titles like Grandpa Frank’s Great Big Bucket List, she demonstrates her skill in recreating familiar dynamics alongside celebrating the season with joy and love. Bookwagon loves Operation Nativity.


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