Orbiting Jupiter


Jack has Joseph’s back in every circumstance. Despite the fact Joseph has arrived in Jack’s rural town with knowledge of his past pulsating like a carbuncle, Jack, and his parents, are there for him. From teaching him to milk a cow, ice skate on the pond, ride bareback, to making sure there’s hot chocolate rather than coffee in his mug, or walking the two miles to and from school alongside him to avoid the heckles of the bus driver-Joseph is offered a chance. He can watch for Jupiter, be loved, and have hope of a future.

This is what the best writing looks like. It doesn’t matter that it’s a YA novel.’Orbiting Jupiter’ is an outstanding novel. It forced me to continue reading it at 4:00 in the morning. What a wise decision. What a wonderful reading experience.


Orbiting Jupiter

Gary D. Schmidt

(Andersen Press)

‘Orbiting Jupiter‘ is the sort of high quality Young Adult title that Bookwagon is proud to stock. We recommend this meaningful, empathetic title to Jupiter and beyond, for older readers.

Nominated for the Carnegie Medal.


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