Oscar’s Tower of Flowers


Bookwagon loves Oscar’s Tower of Flowers. It seems every possible consideration is made here to create a picture book of meaning and warmth and hope.

Oscar is devastated when a mother leaves. What’s more, everything about him seems big and empty and different. Thereafter, his mother suggests they venture outside. What might they discover? Could it be that the garden centre offers opportunity to grow something? To move forward?

Oscar’s seeds are planted and placed across their apartment block window. Tenderly, Oscar waters them until they grow into something remarkable, a conservatory type jungle! How can they live like this? Might they be distributed through the tower block? Might there be friends to discover in their gifting? Then again, what might Oscar’s mother discover upon her return?

Lauren Tobia’s storytelling is confident and tight, while her framing and sequencing are succinct. Then again, we linger over Oscar’s world, from familiar monkey, ever present Cat, and then the world beyond his apartment. The colours are fresh and  inviting, and Oscar and his home beautifully realised.

This wordless picture book is a treasure. Bookwagon recommends Oscar’s Tower of Flowers highly to our picture book readers seeking a truly meaningful story to love, read together, know and gift.

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Oscar’s Tower of Flowers

Lauren Tobia


What happens when someone we love leaves us? Then again, it might be that we have to begin all over again? It means their absence and the newness create a huge ache. However, it might be that we can think of ways to start anew. Could it be that we might plant something? New seeds, new shoots for stepping out into the unknown?
Could it be that our surroundings are huge and different but offer us ideas? It seems there could be further opportunities for these new shoots. Oscar is inspired by the garden centre. In fact, he bypasses all the bakery wonders to get home with his seed packets and set to work. Thereafter, his huge apartment window is filled with pots of potential new shoots. It seems that Oscar is dedicated to nurturing every single pot for what might grow. What’s more, his care builds an oasis, a sort of glorious conservatory!
Oscar’s Tower of Flowers is a triumph. However, this apartment is not the best habitat for such a jungle. Might there be a way that Oscar could share his results and get to know his neighbourhood? Then again, might it be that Oscar receives the best gift of all in return? What’s more, might there be a a welcome return where all the news is shared?
Lauren Tobia offers such glory, hope and empathetic plotting in her debut, wordless picture book. Oscar’s Tower of Flowers if reminiscent of favourites such as The Seeds of Friendship or The Extraordinary Gardener. Bookwagon loves this picture book and recommends it highly to our readers.


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