Our Earth is a Poem


Forest could keep secrets/ Forest could keep secrets/ And we must keep forests‘ asserts Grace Nichols in For Forest. It is one of forty poems selected for Our Earth is a Poem. Like others, this choice is aimed to ignite our understanding of ‘the natural world’ in its rich fullness. Thereafter, we consider Ruth Awolola’s Mud, ‘where the seed’s first sown’/- ‘where the wriggly worms/ Like to make their home‘. Isn’t this the place about which we should be ‘thankful/ For the things that help us grow‘?

Then again just contemplate ‘the shell of the sunrise/ sunrise shell,/ [with] the pink lip/ of a pearled world’. Joyce Sidman goes further so that we wonder at The Mollusk that Made You– this shell, the creature that ‘walks on one foot/ and wears a magic mantle/ trailing stars’. 

While these poems are ideal choices to read aloud, they also demand to be read alone, taken time over, stirred and loved. Our Earth is a Poem is a magnificent collection of poetry that we love. Bookwagon recommends this compilation highly to all our readers.

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Our Earth is a Poem

Poetry About Nature

(Little Tiger Press)

‘- I’m going to plant/ many seedlings anyway, so that by the time/ I’m old, a whole forest will wave/ happy branches‘. Margarita Engle‘s I Wonder opens Our Earth is a Poem. It seems that the ‘hope‘ of this collection is that readers’ ‘imagination‘ will be kindled so as to ‘expand [our] own world‘. Therefore, we consider the wobbling and pretending and turning and drawing and dreaming of a pond with Diana Hendry. Then again, we examine the might- in a portrait double page length image- of the ‘brushed lava‘  Mountain Gorilla.
Like other titles within this magnificent series, including Courage in a poem, this compilation offers outstanding works from a wide range of poets. There are familiar, less familiar, British and international. What’s more, these poems work whether read aloud, or read alone. For example, when we read Dusking Tide from CLiPPA winner Zaro Weil, we linger over ‘forests- [that are]- ‘frosted in silver-leafed sleep’  within the ‘bewitched‘ world. How magnificent!
Bookwagon loves this poetry book and recommends it highly for home and classroom. Furthermore, this is a wonderful reference title. There is such quality in its poetry, full of inspiration and focused upon a very relevant theme. Bookwagon welcomes Our Earth is a Poem aboard.


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