Our Wild Garden


When Poppy and Ali hear about rewilding at school they determine to make a change at home. After all, their garden is smart and ordered, with lawns perfectly trimmed. However, what about making wildlife happy?

Thereafter, they set about making Our Wild Garden. It begins with a pond that invites frogs and newts to lay eggs and swim and hunt, and birds to drink and bathe. Then again, they encourage their flower beds to go a little bit wild. In fact the garden becomes a bit ‘a little jungle‘ that buzzes ‘with bees and butterflies‘. What’s more, they create a wild meadow and lay a wood pile too ahead of encouraging their hedge to bemuse ‘messy‘ and ‘wild’.

Bookwagon loves the description which is almost recipe like, alongside such lush and busy pictures full of action, encouragement and joy. We are overjoyed to welcome Our Wild Garden aboard. Not only is this a wonderful storybook, but it’s instructive and such a foundation title for all environmental gardens.

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Our Wild Garden

Daniel Seton, illustrated by Pieter Fannes

(Pushkin Children’s)

Mum and Dad are very proud of the garden’s smartness. Don’t the ‘pretty flowers all stand in a row‘? Isn’t ‘the hedge- trimmed so carefully‘ so that ‘it always looks as if it has just stepped out of the hairdressers‘?
However, what if Poppy and Ali learn about rewilding at school and thereafter begin to dream about Our Wild Garden? In fact they imagine their adventures with ‘all different kinds of life‘ living happily. What about the creatures they might welcome from newts, toads, hedgehogs to birds? Might there be log piles and meadows? What magic might be created?
Thereafter, we watch the changes, rather as we see in The Little Gardener. Although we see the children working with Mum and Dad undertaking such projects as digging a pond, we also realise how much more involved they are. In fact, they’re leading the project. Thereafter, they’re watching the growth, introduction, changes, movement and huge, sky-grazing wonder! These are so beautifully indicated in the scale and perspective of Pieter Fannes’ illustrations.
Bookwagon loves and recommends Our Wild Garden. What a magical, beautiful, lyrical picture book to love, linger over, share and treasure.


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