Out of Nowhere


Out of Nowhere the friend arrives on the rock. Thereafter they stay together, picnicking, watching the moon at night. Then the day comes when the friend disappears. It seems it may have travelled far away and a journey is needed to find it.  to reconnect. A picnic will be necessary, alongside a brave song in case of frogs.

Yet, what happens should the friend not be where you think it is? Thereafter, what happens if the friend, once discovered, is not who you thought it was, that it’s different? Can it really be the same, enjoy the same things, feel and act the same way?

Chris Naylor- Ballesteros brings us a very thought-provoking book about change, loyalty and friendship in butterfly wings. It is more impactful for the vastness of its setting, the formation of its characters and then for the transition. Furthermore, by reducing the colour palette to black, white and red, our attention is fastened upon the characters, keen that they will find each other, accept each other and thereafter maintain their connection.

Bookwagon loves Out of Nowhere. This is a beautiful picture book that deserves to be read, shared, understood and treasured.


Out of Nowhere

Chris Naylor- Ballesteros

(Nosy Crow)

Out of Nowhere the friend arrived one day, to spend each day ‘on the big rock looking out over the forest’, sharing picnics. Thereafter, they would watch the moon together. So, what happens when the friend is ‘nowhere to be seen‘? Is it possible that the friend is hiding, hurt or lost? What would you do?

We join a huge adventure, a quest, as the beetle journeys to find his friend. It will take a thorough search, a picnic, but maybe the truth is right below him…

 Might a big brave song help as you travel to where you think you’ve sighted your friend? Or is it possible, that when you are just about to fall into disillusionment, when you need some time to ‘get your strength back‘, that ‘Out of Nowhere’ someone might arrive? What might you learn? Maybe about change or difference, separation and the things you share?

In a palette of white, red and black, esteemed picture book maker Chris Naylor-Ballesteros offers a masterclass in friendship, loyalty and love. Like The Suitcase, Out of Nowhere is a tale of the best of values, compassion, care, acceptance and hope. Bookwagon adores this picture book and recommends it to all our readers.


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