Out of the Clouds


Oliver Coggin is worried. It’s June and Pa promised the family that he’d be returned from his research in February. The family at Dizzy Perch, high ‘Out of the Clouds‘ is missing him, but only Oliver seems able to hunt him down.

Money is tight, his clothing is peculiar, there are no clues and only a bobbing fishing boat offering a sign of hope. What is Oliver to do?

Join Oliver Coggin as he uses all his resources, makes friends and discoveries, and takes up Pa’s trail, determined to return him to Dizzy Perch.

This is a warm, determined, loving and curious book, that we recommend to newer readers and those looking for a happy mystery.

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Out of the Clouds

Diana Hendry

(Hodder Children’s Books)

‘Out of the Clouds’, over the seaside village of Starwater soars Dizzy Perch, home to the mysterious Coggin family. Only Oliver makes himself known to the villagers, and then he’s curiosity with his shopping list, homemade clothes and enquiries about post. Oliver Coggin is worried. Time is passing and Pa promised he’d be home with the family in February; it’s June. Where is Pa? Oliver is on the hunt!


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