Out There in the Wild: Poems on Nature


‘- Just supposing for a minute we got it right instead of wrong…’ so that ‘The Future will be built upon the choices that you made’?

Nicola Davies, James Carter and Dom Conlon have created Out There in the Wild: Poems on Nature. Thereafter, we consider the Earth, our home, and its rich diversity. We’re asked to observe other animal life to us,  and to be ‘good to our whiskery/ neighbour’ when we meet it in the wild. Then again, each poet offers contemplations of natural history, from the seal skin parka in the Natural History Museum, to the gold disc prepared in case of alien life. Meanwhile, we’re asked to contemplate the years of history within the Arctic layers, threatened by oil drilling, like a solid built friendship.

We look at animals closer to home, from our pets, to the birds and insects that pepper our daily existence. In fact, isn’t it true that ‘Thanks to gravity, nothing ever escapes from this planet, except/ perhaps the occasional rocket-‘ Thereafter, aren’t we all just cohabitants? So shouldn’t we humans recognise the alchemy of existence, rather as we do when we’re ‘ten- and our ‘heart’ is ‘huge/ bursting with the wonder of the sacred wild’? 

Bookwagon could quote from this book all day. it is exceptional. We recommend Out There in the Wild: Poems on Nature as a poetry book to read alone, to share aloud, to know and to gift. However, it’s a book to live. This is an outstanding title that we are proud to recommend and sell.

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Out There in the Wild: Poems on Nature

Nicola Davies, James Carter and Dom Conlon, illustrated by Diana Catchpole

(Pan Macmillan) 

‘There’s a rhythm out there/ there’s a rhythm within/ as the seasons turn/ as the planets spin…‘ Aren’t we all Out There in the Wild, captives of the Sun, within a flow of seasons?
Nicola Davies, James Carter and Dom Conlon celebrate OUR place. They urge us to follow our ‘feral-alert’ senses to a ‘conker-fall/ from a field away‘. For example, we might wonder about the owl that hoots as we ‘lie in bed dreading the morning’. Meanwhile, we’re asked to contemplate a world without animal life. So, ‘what will our world be/ With no birds or beasts to share it?’ Alone upon the earth?/ We could not bear it!’
It seems there an urgency to many of these poems, similar to Wonder: The Natural History Museum Poetry Book. Then again, there’s a deep connection, respect and love. In fact, readers understand, through poems that celebrate the life, history and behaviour of the natural world, that ‘all life is sublime concoction’. Then again, rather like Dark Sky Park, the subjects are wide and varied. What’s more, they’re examined intricately. There’s the Mountain Hare, Glow Worms or Woodlice. However, the tone is sombre. We’re asked to ‘Remember the day when we killed the bees,/ and we sent the whales to an early grave?‘ for example. Then again, we’re reminded how we will ‘wonder what the hell we were all doing/ To let the whole world get in such a state‘ when ‘London’s under twenty feet of sea‘.
Bookwagon is aflame with this poetry book. Every work is utterly divine, vital and beautiful. We urge our readers to choose Out There in the Wild Poems on Nature.



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