Owen and the Soldier


Owen has never noticed before the crumbling stone soldier that sits on a bench in his local park. For Owen, the soldier assumes great importance.  He finds that the stone statue is the only person he can talk to about his problems.  At home, Owen and his mum are struggling and there’s nobody he can talk to.

When the war-weary soldier is listening, Owen’s worries are eased.  Owen then learns to his horror that the council wants to get rid of the statue as part of a new development.  Nobody but Owen seems to care.

Owen is left as the only one who can save the soldier, but can he find the courage to speak out before it’s too late? This is a wonderfully touching story of loss and remembrance from Lisa Thompson, the award-winning author of The Goldfish Boy. This is a beautiful book for all children, and adults, and is published in a dyslexia-friendly format.


Owen and the Soldier

Lisa Thompson

(Barrington Stoke)

Owen and his Mum are finding life difficult and are struggling to make ends meet.  When Owen discovers a crumbling statue of a soldier in the park, he finds talking to the soldier is easy.  He is able to tell the soldier how he tells and about his problems. Then to his horror he finds out that the council want to pull the statue down and he fears that he will be left on his own again.
Can Owen find the courage he needs to speak up to try and save the Soldier before it’s too late?  Lisa Thompson scores once again with this beautiful and heartfelt story of remembrance, and of the importance of standing up for what we strongly believe in.



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