P is for Pterodactyl


‘P is for Pterodactyl‘ while ‘T is for Tsunami’. Our alphabet is so confusing! There are so many words that sound unlike their initial alphabet letter, e.g., why is F not for photo? Why is G for gnocchi? Thereafter why is G for gnome or gnat?

Alongside each featured confusing example, writers Raj Haldar and Chris Carpenter create a mini saga narrative. Illustrator Maria Tina Beddia expands upon this stories with clear, flat bright prints to elevate the writers’ message.

The examples encourage me to seek definitions and origins, such as ‘J is for Jai Alai’. This continues with, ‘Juanita and Bjorn happily played jai alai before eating fajitas in Juarez. Jai Alai anyone*? 

The expansion of the example can be so clever, that we review, seeking evidence of each example. It’s like that with L is not for Elle’, wherein, ‘An elephant named Elle rode the el train halfway to El Paso and dined on hearts of palm with her folks.’ 

‘P is for Pterodactyl’ is a really fulfilling addition to the bookshelves of any teacher and student, lexicographer, and happy, keen reading home.


*a game played with large, curved wicker bats, like pelota

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P is for Pterodactyl

* The Worst Alphabet Book Ever

Raj Haldar & Chris Carpenter, pictures by Maria Tina Beddia

(Source Books)- hardback

P is for Pterodactyl’ and Q is for Quinoa. Raj Haldar and Chris Carpenter meander the alphabet identifying words contrary to their alphabet letter and sound. For example, P is for Pterodactyl. Furthermore, Ptolemy, psychic and psoriasis… Alongside the examples, the writers create a mini saga, offering more examples of the confusion. Perhaps you could say that H is for Heir. Thereafter, the honest heir admits that herbalism isn’t his cup of tea.
Why is I not for Eye, or U for You? Moreover why is R not for Are  and Y for Why? Our alphabet is truly confusing!
‘P is Pterodactyl‘ is entrancing! Bookwagon considers this is a title likely to be enjoyed by a wide age range, like other word and/or picture information books in which we delight, such as 16 Words or Fierce Bad Rabbits. B is for Book (though not for Bdellium) and this is a fulfilling title!


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