Pages & Co Tilly and the Book Wanderers


Tilly’s grandparents own a small, overcrowded North London bookshop. Tilly feels more at home with familiar book characters than school friends. Through ‘Pages & Co Tilly and the Book Wanderers’ we join Tilly, and neighbour, Oskar, as they realise she has inherited more than a love of books. Tilly is a book wanderer, like her grandparents, and mother, able to join familiar characters within their settings. Oskar, through association with Tilly, can travel too.

Tilly’s ability leads to revelations about her grandparents, the organisation and rules for Book Wanderers. It opens the mystery surrounding her mother’s disappearance. There are more questions here that Tilly dares to explore, despite scary Chalk sized warnings, and the regulations and danger accompanying her gift.

‘Pages & Co Tilly and the Book Wanderers‘ is a thoroughly absorbing, original story. I felt as though I was joining Tilly and Oskar on their journeys. Glimpsing a school morning Avonlea with Anne and Diana was almost tangible! This is a brilliant, satisfying selection for committed readers.

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Pages & Co

Tilly and the Book Wanderers

Anna James

(Harper Collins)

‘Anne of Green Gables’? ‘Alice in Wonderland’? What will be revealed in ‘Pages & Co Tilly and the Book Wanderers‘? When Tilly overhears her grandparents in happy conversation with mysterious visitors to their bookshop, ‘Pages & Co’ she little realises that she possesses their same ability. So did her mother, who disappeared in suspicious circumstances.


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