Panda in the Spotlight


Can Penni P be trusted? Although Pudding spotted her straight faced in the audience of Panda-Mime, it seems the reporter believes that Pudding’s act merits a Hollywood chance! Might this be Pudding’s opportunity to hit the big time, to become the Mary Poppins character of which she’s always dreamed? Certainly it seems that Graham and Tabby and Mrs Campbell are certain the reporter is for real!

However, Callum has his doubts. It’s not just that Mike Spiker seems to be up to something, for there’s something suspicious about Penni P, and Callum’s determined to get to the bottom of it. However what can he do when nobody else in the family is taking his warnings seriously? He doesn’t even have his best friend, Neil, to help him, any more.

Panda in the Spotlight follows up Sarah Horne’s Panda at the Door. It is a pleasure to be reacquainted with Pudding, the talking, nanny panda, and the Campbell family. However, this tale works perfectly on its own, too. What’s more, Bookwagon recommends it as an ideal choice for less experienced chapter book readers. Panda in the Spotlight is a funny, heartwarming and thoroughly entertaining reading selection.


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Panda in the Spotlight

Sarah Horne

(Chicken House)

After an appearance at the Edinburgh Festival, Pudding’s built a career as a star. Alongside Graham, the Campbell’s father, she’s crafter Panda-Mime. Not only is the show entertaining and popular, but it suggests that Pudding’s acted out by Graham! However, what if someone is out to ruin the Campbell family’s and Pudding’s happiness?

It seems there could be a neighbour out for revenge. What’s more, with reporter Penni P, he has a crafty operator. However, while Callum suspects the reporter, who’s promising Pudding a Hollywood career as the new Mary Poppins, he’s on his own. How can he trick Penni P, reveal the truth and have his family come to their senses?

After Panda at the Door. Sarah Horne returns us to Edinburgh and the world’s best nannying panda. However might it be that stage lights have the better of her, and the Campbell family? It seems Callum has his work cut out to ensure their panda’s staying put!
Bookwagon loves and recommends this stand alone sequel. Not only is the storytelling imaginative, funny and warm, but it’s illustrations are a joy. Panda in the Spotlight is a recommended selection for less experienced chapter book readers.


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