For Patina, or Patty, it’s not the taking part, it’s the winning that counts.  Patty has already dealt with a lot in her life – she lost her dad when she was young and her mum is disabled.  Now she lives with her uncle and his wife and to make matters worse, she has to go to the poshest school ever.

She seeks respite from her problems in the track team, where she is the star middle-distance runner.  She doesn’t agree with the Coach’s decision to create a relay team and independent-minded Patty, who likes to think she can do everything by herself, has to work with her team mates to win.



Jason Reynolds

(Knights Of)

New to the track team, Patina has to learn as fast as she can run to outrun her personal demons.  Patty has bags of talent and an attitude to match.  She runs to escape the taunts at the posh new school she has to attend.  Moreover, she runs to shake off her family troubles.
But can Patty really run away from any of this? The track team Coach won’t tolerate bad attitudes and now he wants Patty to run in the relay team.  Patty is not used to team work and having to depend on other people.
Jason Reynolds’ excellent series continues in fine style with a great story, great characters and plenty of sass.


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