‘Pax‘ is unsparing in fulfilling its purpose of presenting a real ‘coming of age/drawing of truth’ story. ‘Pax‘ is heartbreaking, wonderful and very unsettling. In truth, I cannot find its like in many other works I’ve read.

‘Pax’ has been raised by Peter since he was a cub. When Peter’s father leaves for battle, he determines to separate the two- a lone mutually dependent boy and tamed fox. Their subsequent individual battles, within an obscure battle field setting, are told in turn by each.

Peter and Pax are determined and survive hostile, unknown surroundings, and a brutal reality. Each is forced to rely on the kindness of strangers, and the knowledge of the love of the other. Peter is driven by guilt at leaving Pax and the consequences of running away. Pax is driven by his need for food and the fact he has never hunted for himself, or had to fight for survival.

This is a spare, original, proud book. Bookwagon recommends ‘Pax‘ to mature readers. They will face a raft of emotions as they read this wonderful book, yet feel they have been part of the lives of each Peter and ‘Pax‘.


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Sara Pennypacker and Jon Klassen

(Harper Collins)

Pax‘ is a unique, yet troubling story, set somewhere possible, with the sort of emotional tugs that we all feel at stages of our lives, but not in this sort of crisis. What is happening with Peter? And then with his companion? Are they meant to separate really, when they have been each other’s lifeline? Thereafter, what is there for the fox without the boy, the boy alone? Furthermore, what is Peter’s father’s intention? It feels as though we are as raw and exposed as Peter.
Thisis a remarkable book, one we are proud to recommend to our readers. Expect heartache, attachment and really memorable storytelling. We realise that Sara Pennypacker is an outstanding, empathetic storywriter from her wonderful second novel, Here in the Real World. Yet for now, ‘Pax‘ is a story to remember and love forever.


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