Pay Attention, Carter Jones


The arrival of a portly English butler in a bowler hat into the life of Carter Jones is unexpected to say the least. In addition to dealing with the butler’s strict new regime, and being forced into playing cricket, Carter is starting middle school. Carter finds himself at odds with some of his new schoolmates while he also struggles to deal with problems in the family.

Ultimately, when his burden of grief and anger from the past can no longer be ignored, Carter learns from the butler that a burden becomes lighter when it is shared. This is a wonderfully witty and engaging story from one of America’s best writers for middle grade and YA fiction.  It is full of insight and compassion, is packed with engaging characters and the climactic cricket match is tension-filled and exciting.


Pay Attention, Carter Jones

Gary D Schmidt

(Andersen Press)

Carter’s life is upended by the arrival into the family home of a portly English butler. Having to start a new school is bad enough without the butler’s strict new regime and peculiar ideas.  Then the butler insists that he learns to play cricket!  All the while Carter is struggling to deal with loss and upheaval in the family.
This very witty, compassionate and sparkling story will bring a tear to the eye and a lump in the throat.  Highly recommended!


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