Peanut, Butter, & Crackers: River Rescue


Butter is inclined to taunt Peanut still. Although Peanut’s settled into Butter and Crackers’ home, there’s still a lot to learn. Then again, there’s still a lot to be nervous about- like the dark.

Thankfully, Crackers is on hand to offer a wise paw of advice. It seems however, in Peanut, Butter, & Crackers: River Rescue that Crackers will be needed for rathe more!

The friends join their human on a camping adventure. While Butter is rather sceptical about the whole affair, Peanut is wide-eyed and bushy- tailed, taking heed of all about him. Meanwhile, Crackers is looking forward to more time to nap. However, when Crackers awakens on their first day, he discovers he’s alone. He wasn’t happy when Butter scratched open the mesh frame of their trailer, and then when Peanut followed the cat outside. However, they should have returned. It seems that it’s time for Crackers to make a River Rescue, but he’ll need help. Can any of the other pets who are helping lend a paw or two? Then again, what about the wild creatures who might have a skill that could help a soggy cat and frightened pup?

Alongside wonderful graphics, Paige Braddock has created characters whom we can almost hear. We know their characters well and understand their dynamic. We feel Butter’s intolerance, Crackers’ care and Peanut’s anxiety. Bookwagon loves Peanut, Butter, & Crackers: River Rescue, and welcomes it aboard!

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Peanut, Butter, & Crackers: River Rescue

Paige Braddock

(Nosy Crow)

Are cats meant to go camping? Butter’s not so sure, especially if there’s doubts about the litter tray. Then again, the three like being with their human and see the camping as an adventure. What’s more, it’s Peanut’s first time away. It’s evident that since he arrived, in Puppy Problems, he’s begun to fit into the family, so that he rubs along companionably with the older dog and cat of the household. However, we see how Butter’s inclined to tease him.
Thereafter, what will happen if Butter’s need for a litter tray leads to drastic behaviour. It seems there’s only a mesh screen separating the pets from the great outdoors, so Butter’s off. What’s more, Peanut’s determined to follow and catch up. However, it soon becomes apparent that Butter’s lost. We know, that Peanut’s afraid of the dark, so what will happen? Will Butter’s better nature mean that Peanut’s comforted and safe. Then again, what about Crackers, back in the trailer, taking a nap? Is it possible that he might pick up the scent to follow his friends and rescue them?
Bookwagon is overjoyed to welcome River Rescue aboard. This second outing for Peanut, Butter & Crackers is a treat, especially for readers growing attached to graphic novels, and great series. Paige Braddock has created a really warm, bright and satisfying series that we love. What’s more, there are activities included in the postscript that endear of Peanut, Butter, & Crackers: River Rescue, and the series, to Bookwagon even further!


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