Dot is happy to stay at home with Peep! his little elephant toy friend. Wherever Peep leads, Dog follows, from bed to the door,  to the food bowl. They avoid the park with the other dogs.

Yet what is Dot do to if Peep disappears when she’s asleep one day. What’s more, it seems she’s been stolen into the park where she becomes part of an up and down and round about chase of the kind that Dot would choose to avoid! Furthermore, Dot is being tailed by a Big Dog. Can Dot recover Peep?

If Peep was to return to Dot, would they venture into the park again? What if there should be dogs waiting anew with more games to play and other things to share?

From its steady, accessible sequencing, to the warmly coloured pictures and charming characters, Meg McLaren has created a beautiful picture book that begs to be shared, read and gifted. Bookwagon loves Peep! and recommends it highly to our youngest readers.

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Meg McLaren

(Andersen Press)– hardback

It seems that wherever Dot goes, she is led by Peep! What’s more this little leader is there at the approach of the postman and at dreaded bath time too. He is constant in Dot’s life.
Yet what if Dot’s eyes close to Peep’s disappearance? Can she find her little friend? It might take a squeeze through the fence and then entering the park, somewhere that Dot does not usually choose to visit. Yet needs must! There is a favourite friend to find. It seem she has ‘to get him back’! However, the little purple friend is not alone. Furthermore, those about him are determined to have as ‘much fun’ as they can, even though this is not a game that ‘Dot wants to play’. Can she recover her little friend, and lose Big Dog who seems to be ‘right behind‘? Is it possible that Dot’s chain and racing might prove to be ‘great fun‘. Then again, could Big Dog want to make up for the fun he’s caused Dot?
The storytelling of Meg McLaren is warm and sympathetic. We are aware of Dot’s relationship with her little  purple friend, her likes and dislikes and fears. Then again, we infer the intention of the dogs in the park too. Furthermore, the racing and home scenes, the animation and adventure are beautifully illustrated. It means that we are fully engaged in the life of Dot and Peep! and then the other dogs who appear in such an empathetic conclusion.
Bookwagon loves this picture book maker’s works and delights in recommending this book to be shared at bedtime, gifted and treasured.


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