Penguin Huddle


What might the Doctopus advise? it seems he’s the final option for the Penguin Huddle. Such an icy gale. blown off the mountain, has left the penguins connected tightly, with Pipsqueak stuck fast in the middle. Yet might it be Pipsqueak who has the bright idea?

After all, it seems that snow hare heaves and huffs alongside, walrus prises and puffs, have done little to unstick this penguin sandwich. Then again, a long journey, via Iceberg Express, Albatross Airways and Whale Rail will relay this clutch to the ‘shining city‘. Might the ‘thousands of different animals from all over the world’ choose to ‘lend a paw, hoof or flipper’? Or might it all end up at the Doctopus’ door? Furthermore, what could be released at this point? Then again, what decisions might this penguin pile make from their experience?

Bookwagon loves the inventiveness, anarchy, wild world and imagination of Penguin Huddle. What’s more, Ross Montgomery’s creative ideas married to Sarah Warburton’s bold, inviting pictures are ultimately joyous and truly engaging. We love and recommend Penguin Huddle to our readers. It is an ideal read aloud, title to treasure, know and share, and then a perfect book to gift, too.

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Penguin Huddle

Ross Montgomery and Sarah Warburton


It seems that on very cold nights, the penguins call for a Penguin Huddle. However what if there might arrive ‘one night‘ with ‘a gale that [blows] as hard as a herd of mammoths‘? Thereafter, what if this gale might freeze’ the wind to the mountain‘? Could it be that this huddle’s so tight that when they awaken ‘the next morning‘, the penguins are ‘stuck‘! Might it be thereafter that none of their friends might be able to help? Although the  snow hares might ‘heave and huff’ and the walruses ‘prise and puff’ could be that the huddle’s in a muddle!
It seems that this huddle’s destined to travel to ‘a place far, far away’, by ‘Iceberg Express‘ and ‘Whale Rail’ and ‘Albatross Airways’ to a ‘shining city‘. However, what if there is no one who seems to be able to help? Although there might be ‘thousands of different animals from all over the world‘ able to ‘lend a paw, hoof or flipper‘ this huddle’s stuck fast! Might it require the Doctopus to sort out this fracas?
Bookwagon adores Penguin Huddle. After Ross Montgomery and Sarah Warburton’s collaboration on the wildly imaginative Ten Delicious Teachers, we are delighted to receive and recommend this superb picture book. Not only are the pictures hilarious, detailed and so satisfying, but the story is inventive, funny and a joy. Altogether, Bookwagon loves and recommends Penguin Huddle hugely. What’s more, its message is perfect for a wintry night or two!


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