Penguin Problems


‘Penguin Problems‘ are many. Have you been to Antarctica? It’s cold. There’s a salty sea. There are predators. Penguins can’t fly but waddle awkwardly. ‘Penguin Problems‘ abound.

Yet, there’s someone about who might see things differently, who could offer a word of advice. ‘Penguin Problems‘ might not seem so bad?

Penguin Problems’ is a witty, considered title, ideal for readers of all ages. Its philosophy and the b(l)eak characterisation are very funny. There’s a (salty) sniff of A.A. Milne’s Eeyore in Penguin. Jory John’s tongue in cheek, character led text amid the rich shapes and story enriched Lane Smith settings makes ‘Penguin Problems‘ a walrus wonderful title!


Penguin Problems

Jory John & Lane Smith

(Walker Books)

Penguin Problems’ include the snow and the salty sea. There’s wishing you could fly, or even waddle in a dignified way. What can be done? Maybe there’s someone about to address ‘Penguin Problems‘?


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