Percy the Post Penguin


Percy the Post-Penguin works in a post office, but his days are quiet and lonely as no-one knows of his existence. With creativity in mind, he sets to work to promote his post office. Sadly, his work is unsuccessful and his dream doesn’t come true. Still, determined to succeed, he shakes the negative thoughts out of his head and returns home. Later, there’s a clunk.. A letter has been posted! Percy quickly sets to work to deliver the letter. Then again, will this be the make or break of his post-office career? Bookwagon loves and recommends this warm, beautifully Christmas toned picture book!

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Percy the Post Penguin

Genevieve Aspinall

(Uclan Publishing)

In the chilly South Pole, Percy the Post Penguin is a diligent and hardworking little penguin. He lives next door lives to his post office. Unfortunately, not many residents of the South Pole seem to know it is there. Can anything be done? It seems that our little postman is on a mission. Therefore, Percy’s empowered with determination! With real confidence and grit, we see how the little penguin sets about to  make himself and his business better known.  However, will Percy be able to make his dream come true and create a successful and vital business?
Percy the Post Penguin is such a positive story.  We love the way that this little character is shown as a kind, determined penguin, who is always ready and willing to help others. This book encourages readers to reflect on how to be determined and kind, while the illustrations and positive text draw the reader in.  What’s more it’s  a useful introduction to the Antarctic and the animals that live there. Bookwagon considers that this picture book is rather reminiscent of the wonderful Yours Sincerely, Giraffe. Then again, exciting new author/ illustrator Genevieve Aspinall  offers such bright, colourful and endearing pictures.


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