Perdu, the little lost dog, decides to follow the leaf that dances on the wind currents. Through fields, forests and over grass he travels, until his little paws clip on the concrete city paths. Can he find a home? Somebody to love and who will love him? He has nothing save his little red scarf.

However, the city is harsh and bids Perdu run, dash, dodge, duck… People rush and race, while ‘his little legs ache and his four paws are tired and sore.’ Can Perdu find safety?

Richard Jones’ text is spit spot perfect, from  eloquent descriptions of the countryside where we meet Perdu first:- ‘Rain fell on his night-black coat and the grass was cold beneath his paws’. Thereafter there is a keen interpretative awareness of sound and feeling from the cold to the comparative noise and harshness of the city compared to the countryside.

The pictures are beautiful. They’re colour saturated, emotionally toned, with an empathetic use of white and black backgrounds.

Perdu is a picture book to be loved, reread, considered and shared. We are proud to recommend this title to our customers.




Richard Jones

(Simon & Schuster)

Perdu is ‘a little lost dog, all alone, with no place to call home and nothing to call his own but an old red scarf.’ It is nighttime, rain falls and the little dog is scared. He watches the deliberation of a leaf dancing through the wind’s currents and wonders about his purpose. Where might this dog belong? Thereafter, he follows the leaf’s movements, ‘through fields and through woods, through grass short and tall’. As morning breaks, the little dog’s paws hit the concrete of the city.
While Richard Jones’ muted pictures remind me of Eva Lindstrom’s My Dog Mouse the patchwork palette is emotionally symbolic and empathetic. We are invested in the dog’s path to a home. Furthermore, his plight is emphasised through the lyrical language such as ‘a scared little ball of worry’. In addition, there is a wealth of sounds included in the vocabulary such as ‘Tip, Tip, Tip, Tip….‘ elevated through changes of font. Then there are the changes in sentence length that are also illustrative. What a clever, deliberate picture book!
I cannot tell you what happens with Perdu. However, his journey and experiences are exhausting for him and us. This is a beautiful, image and word perfect picture book.


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