As he shuts out the new baby sister, ‘who would never race or chase’ lying dark eyed and still in the ‘tiny room’ upstairs, the boy watches the spring sky, at the swifts’ perfect return. It is only the resurrection of one swift, broken and seemingly ‘all wrong’ that allows him to see his baby sister in her wholeness, and hope.

Swirling colours, bold skies, and soaring text have created ‘Perfect’, a moving, meaningful picture book perfect for home, family, and classroom, guaranteed to be loved by readers of all ages.

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Nicola Davies, illustrated by Cathy Fisher


‘Perfect’ is a moving, truthful picture book. We contemplate the wonder of nature alongside a new arrival in the home. It is spring; a time of joy. Yet there is hesitation and fear with one arrival.
We watch and absorb the feelings in Nicola Davies’ beautifully timed and nuanced text. Cathy Fisher’s misted, colour and meaning rich pictures suggest the season and emphasise the emotion. There is fear, guilt, anxiety and confusion.
‘Perfect‘ proves the power of storytelling through picture books. It offers opportunity to discuss feelings of frailty and fear. and imperfection This beautiful book is ideal for bedtime reading, sharing in small groups or PSHE and holding close.


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