Perfectly Peculiar Pets


Perfectly Peculiar Pets‘ are the ones to choose- ‘the sort to make your parents shout‘. Grandad might enjoy a ‘flirty flamenco with a flamingo‘? The neighbours may not appreciate the killer whale in the pond, however!

Elli Woollard works through the alphabet, suggesting a menagerie of ‘Perfectly Peculiar Pets’. There are warnings, from ‘the mud and muck‘ that get Hippo prancing and bopping, to the dreadful jokes cracked by Kookaburra. Yet, there are advantages. What about the fact that Nits will go wherever you travel? With a Rhinoceros, you’ll never need a hanger again!

Alongside the amusement and imagination, are superbly constructed poems, with a wealth of poetic devices and wordplay to enjoy. Elli Woollard makes enjoyable poetry seem easy, yet these poems are intelligent, attractive, crafty and full of variety. ‘Perfectly Peculiar Pets’ is a delight for readers of all ages.


Perfectly Peculiar Pets

Poems by Elli Woollard, illustrated by Anja Boretzki


‘Perfectly Peculiar Pets‘ is a menagerie of imagination, humour and poetic skill. Fancy a pet? What about one with spots? While you may be able to play dot-to- dot. stroking isn’t recommended! Peculiar pets? How about a Slug or six? You could snuggle them under your duvet! Or a yakkety Yak? One that won’t stop yakking? Elli Woollard recommends a host of delights through poems that delight and fascinate!


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