Peril on the Atlantic

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Peril on the Atlantic is the first in a new “Mysteries at Sea” series.  Alice is the daughter of the staff captain of the RMS Queen Mary. Alice’s mother died when she was very young and she rarely sees her father because of his job. However, she is thrilled at the opportunity to spend her summer with her father.  This turns to disappointment when it turns out he will have little time to share with Alice, as he will be overseeing the ship’s attempt to capture the prestigious Blue Riband – the award of the fasting crossing of the Atlantic Ocean. As a result, Alice will have to spend most of her time in her cabin and not be allowed to mingle with the other passengers.

Of course, before long, Alice sneaks out to take in the wonders of the Queen Mary. She meets Sonny, a bored passenger traveling with his governess. Even before that she has witnessed an assault on a crew member, Joseph. He is left unconscious and fighting for his life. Alice had previously overheard Joseph in an argument with his assailant.

Soon after determining to solve the mystery, Sonny and Alice discover a gold bar hidden not far from where Joseph was attacked.  There is certainly a mystery to solve, but Alice and Sonny could not have expected what will unravel as they investigate.

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Peril on the Atlantic

Mysteries at Sea 1

A M Howell


In Peril on the Atlantic, a story set in 1934, Alice and Sonny investigate an assault on Joseph, a cabin steward on board the RMS Queen Mary.  Alice has been invited aboard the ship by her father, the staff captain.  However, her excitement at actually spending some time with her father soon turns to dismay.  This is because her father is very preoccupied with his duties and requires Alice to stay below decks.  Of course, Alice has no intention of doing so, especially after she overhears the assault on Joseph.  But she has not seen his assailant, so sets out to identify the attacker.
Alice recruits help from two other young people on board. Charlie, a bellhop, and Miriam, a Jewish girl whose family are fleeing Germany.
It soon transpires that virtually everybody on the ship seems to have a secret. There is more than just one mystery to solve.  This is one of the reasons why Peril on the Atlantic is such an excellent read.  The multiple plots make for an extremely gripping mystery story.  The story is set against the backdrop of the Queen Mary’s attempt to break the Blue Riband record for crossing the Atlantic.
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1 review for Peril on the Atlantic

  1. Paula hale

    Bloomin’ brilliant! I have loved every book by this talented author and now we have a mystery series! Action packed, fast paced and impossible to put down. Loved it.

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