After Trevor the dog upends Stix’s happy life with Grandma, he’s forced to find his way in the ‘Great Beyond’. Thankfully, he discovers Batz, who leads him to PESTS School. It’s tough, rough and dangerous… yet Stix has a mission. Can he work to overthrow Maximus the rat whom he is certain is responsible for Grandma’s disappearance? Furthermore, there’s evil Professor Armageddon with whom to contend! Cockroaches are never acceptable and this one seems to have some particularly nasty methods at his disposal.

As Stix learns how to employ the most pesky methods he can in his new existence, he forms new friendships and discoveries. Yet all the time, he’s thinking of Grandma and their happy life behind the washing machine in the home of mans.

PESTS is an uproariously imaginative and visual story. We love the adventure, ribald humour and originality. Welcome to PESTS School. You’ll never be the same again!



Emer Stamp

(Hodder Children’s Books)

PESTS School is the place to which Batz leads Stix to learn how to be extremely pesky. It’s a far cry from the nest behind the washing machine that he shared with his grandmother. However, when mans discovers them and grandmother vanishes, Stix has little choice but to venture into the ‘Great Beyond’.
Maximus the rat is the current victor in the race to be top pest. However Stix blames Maximus for Grandma’s disappearance and is determined to topple the champion. Yet, this is before he encounters the evil cockroach, Professor Armageddon…  What will it take for Stix and his pest friends to outwit Armageddon and Maximus?
Bookwagon appreciates the wit and imagination of Emer Stamp as experienced in her rip-roaring porcine titles including The Unbelievable Top Secret Diary of Pig. Therefore, we are delighted to welcome a new animal in town with PESTS. 


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