Peter Pan


J.M. Barrie’s classic ‘Peter Pan‘ is retold in rhyme by Caryl Hart, and illustrated by Sarah Warburton. This is a rich, engaging interpretation. Caryl Hart’s rhyming narrative is impeccable, dramatic and descriptive. We are introduced to the original story from the beginning, as Wendy reattaches Peter’s shadow, meets a grumpy Tinker Belle and, with John and Michael, learns to fly.

Away! Away to Neverland!’ we travel. What magic! Above London, leaving their adults behind, fly the children to the Lost Boys, Captain Hook, Princess Tiger Lily, the pirates and the crocodile- ‘Tick Tock’. We follow the real, often forgotten course of the story, with its drama, jealousy, battles and sacrifice. This is the real (rhyming) deal!

Caryl Hart’s attention to the book ensures that the themes of the story are realised thoughtfully. We recognise the tug of home, the loss of childhood, the notion of sacrifice for love- ‘This battle will be glorious!’

Bookwagon urges readers to be whisked off to Neverland anew in this superb picture book. Caryl Hart and Sarah Warburton are to be congratulated on their effort, care, precision and skill. ‘Peter Pan‘, like its titular character, is a ‘forever’ choice. ,

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Peter Pan

J.M. Barrie, retold in rhyme by Caryl Hart, illustrated by Sarah Warburton

(Nosy Crow)– hardback

Here’s the story of a boy called ‘Peter Pan‘ who never, ever wanted to grow up to be a …..’ Acclaimed writer Caryl Hart turns her hand to retelling ‘Peter Pan‘ in rhyme. She captures the story fully and wonderfully. The wonder and adventure are endorsed by Sarah Warburton’s New World pictures of possibility. ‘Peter Pan’ is a ‘forever’ book, a glorious gift or bedtime sharing story.


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