This sweeping sci-fi adventure in space is action-packed and full of engaging characters, but it also a touching and meaningful story, with multi-layers of interest and meaning. It hurtles along at a great pace, just like the alien ship Sunfire that Lucky, the boy with the power of a star, finds himself aboard as he struggles to realise his destiny and find answers to the questions that have long troubled him.

Thorughly recommended for lovers of science fiction, adventure and an old-fashioned thrilling tale, for children and adults alike.



S F Said, illustrations by Dave McKean


Long, long, ago in a galaxy far away…..Lucky thinks he an ordinary boy, but he is troubled by dreams that sing to him, that suggest he is a boy with the power of a star.  He becomes the focus of a battle between humans and aliens as he goes on the run with a motley crew, towards his destiny.

This high adventure sci-fi novel for children is also very thoughtful, works on a multiple of layers and has great scope and ambition.  An excellent, action-packed adventure for confident readers aged 9-12 and also older readers.


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