This sweeping sci-fi space adventure is action-packed and laden with engaging characters. Yet Phoenix is also a touching and meaningful story, with multi-layers of interest and meaning. It hurtles along at a great pace. It is reminiscent of the alien ship Sunfire that Lucky, the boy with the power of a star, finds himself aboard struggling to realise his destiny and discover answers to long-troublesome questions.

Phoenix is thoroughly recommended for lovers of science fiction, adventure and an old-fashioned derring-do, swashbuckling tales.

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S F Said, illustrations by Dave McKean


In Phoenix, Lucky dreams of the stars quite often, but this night is different.  Tonight, it seems that the stars are calling, as if they have something to tell him.  When he wakes up, he is feverishly hot and then discovers that the top sheet of his bed is burnt. Before he can take full account of what is happening to him, within minutes, he is on the run with his mother who is determined to get him off the planet altogether.
They join up with a group of aliens – refugees from the ongoing war between aliens and humans.  The aliens agree to help Lucky find his father. As Lucky spends more time with the aliens, he realises that nothing he had heard about them was true. However, being on the run in a galaxy at war is not without its problems.  Not the least of these is the rumour that there’s a wolf that eats stars. Lucky is now on a mission, to find out what is the power growing inside him.  His quest is nothing more than to discover some of the biggest secrets in the universe.
This is a superb, sweeping sci-fi adventure, dealing with big issues, but never forgetting the personal stories behind the bigger ones.


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