Pick a Pine Tree (pop-up)


Christmas is all wrapped up when you’ve the tree! Let’s Pick a Pine Tree– one with ‘spiky needle clumps/ scaly bark, or sappy bumps.’ 

We wander the green chilled lot watching shoppers choose and amble, sniff and pay. Thereafter they ‘bundle [their tree] upon [their] head/s ‘ or take ‘it home/ atop [their] car‘. Choosing the tree is only the first part, for it’s the dressing and trimming that takes such a lot of work! Furthermore, the tree is thirsty and needs steadying. Thereafter, maybe you could arrange a ‘decorating day’ with help to clip the ‘fat round bulbs or pointy tips/ bubble lights or candle clips’ upon your tree.

Patrica Toht’s rhyming text and Jarvis’s full, fascinating, brightly coloured pictures create such a feeling of Christmas magic. Furthermore, in this special pop-up version, we realise the true glory of the finished tree we’ve picked, in a dazzling conclusion!

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Pick a Pine Tree (pop-up)

Patricia Toht, illustrated by Jarvis

(Walker Books)- hardback

Pick a pine tree from the lot/ Slim and tall or short and squat…’ Join the traditions of the season! Make your choice of the right pine tree to decorate your home this Christmas. The rhyming narrative is rich and compelling and accompanied by nostalgic toned pictures. Pick a Pine Tree (pop-up) is the one to choose this season!
Follow the group as they trek to make their choices. What will they look for? Which will they choose? How will they decorate it, or celebrate? Thereafter, how might they fit it to their house? Furthermore, what does a Christmas pine tree need? Is it possible that a decorating day could be arranged whereby friends might ‘stretch along some fairy lights’? It seems the tree will need ornaments too. ‘What kind of trinkets will they be?’ We look over the choices, that include ‘Jolly Santas/ Dancing elves./ Wooden reindeer./ Jingle bells/ Lacy snowflakes. Paper dolls.’ What a festive triumph!
We love Patricia Toht from her classic All Aboard the London Bus to Pick a Pumpkin. Here we have an opportunity to celebrate her rhyme and the season, with the addition of Jarvis’s diverting and warm illustrations! Furthermore, this classic selection Pick  Pine Tree (pop-up) offers a magical, stand out Christmas tree!


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