Pick a Pine Tree


It’s time to choose your Christmas tree. Which one will you choose? Where do you go? Into the woods like our characters? You can almost smell the pine needles!

We join a family in this rich, cinnamon-scented narrative poem as they choose their tree, in ‘Pick a Pine Tree‘. ‘Pick a pine tree from the lot/ Slim and tall or short and squat…..’ The sequence is orderly, yet we almost spill over with excitement, like the characters we follow.

I love Patricia Toht’s carefully paced and structured rhyming text. The tradition of the event is mirrored in the her familiar tone. It’s caught in Jarvis’ faded, nostalgic, V &A Christmas card reminiscent illustrations, too.

‘Pick a Pine Tree‘ is a keeper. It will outlast the tree, to become a title that is quoted, shared and loved season after season.

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Pick a Pine Tree

Patricia Toht, illustrated by Jarvis

(Walker Books)

Pick a pine tree from the lot/ Slim and tall or short and squat…’ Join the traditions of the season! Make your choice of the right pine tree to decorate your home this Christmas. The rhyming narrative is rich and compelling and accompanied by nostalgic toned pictures. ‘Pick a Pine Tree’ is the one to choose this season!
Follow the group as they trek to make their choices. What will they look for? Which will they choose? How will they decorate it, or celebrate? We love Patricia Toht from her classic All Aboard the London Bus. Here we have an opportunity to celebrate her rhyme and the season! 


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