Picking Pickle


‘Picking Pickle‘ or any other dog is going to be difficult. You have to know what you want. Maybe you’re after a smart or sporty dog, or one that smells lovely with silky ears. A dog that can speak five languages might appeal, or even one who can ‘round up anything.’ Who will be chosen?

This is such a warm and loving book. We love our central character who takes us, and the potential dog owner, through all the choices. The candidates are varied and so appealing, though our heart belongs to only one dog.

‘Picking Pickle‘ will become a favourite bedtime choice, or one to read alone with love and fondness.


Picking Pickle

Which dog will you choose?

Polly Faber and Clara Vulliamy

(Pavilion Books)

‘Picking Pickle‘ or any other dog is a tough call. So, what are you after? A handsome, prize-winning dog? Maybe a clever dog? Or a working dog with marvellous teeth? Come and choose!


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