Picklewitch and Jack


‘Picklewitch and Jack‘ are an unlikely duo. Jack is embarrassed and misstepped by Picklewitch. She doesn’t fit any scheme or schedule, yet somehow comes up smelling of roses! Picklewitch is in awe of Jack. His smart satchel, keen answers and cake-baking mother seems heavenly. She wants a slice, please!

It’s all a little awkward for Jack as he settles into Rookery Heights, where Picklewitch lives in the trees. He’s won a scholarship to the prestigious St Immaculate’s School for the Gifted too. Somehow Picklewitch is attending. Despite her witchy wildness she has bamboozled Professor Bright and Headmistress Silk. What is going on? How can ‘Most Sensible Boy’ in school be taking the flak for his unreliable, windswept friend?

The rocky road of friendship is deconstructed in such a subtle and humorous way here. We realise the insecurities of Jack and Picklewitch and cheer on their growing respect and loyalty to each other.

Picklewitch and Jack‘ is a very satisfying, warm and funny story. Bookwagon recommends it to our readers.


Picklewitch and Jack

Claire Barker, illustrated by Teemu Juhani

(Faber & Faber)

Jack was winner of ‘Most Sensible Boy’ for three years running at his last school! Now, it’s a fresh start, a move to Rookery Heights and a place at the prestigious St Immaculate’s School for the Gifted. In a walnut tree above his new home, Jack is being watched by Picklewitch. She scents opportunity, excitement and cake! ‘Picklewitch and Jack’ are an unlikely duo, yet this introduction to the fluctuating friendship, is great fun, unpredictable and smothered in bird call…. rather like Picklewitch!


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