When Mirielle is awarded third prize in the annual Pig Pageant Facebook competition, her response is neither to hide away, nor to celebrate that this is the first year she has not won. Instead, she uses it as a springboard to launch a protest at a major Parisian event, in the company of her fellow prize-winning ‘piglettes‘. Each with their own reason to create chaos, beyond the degradation of cyber-bullying by Mirielle’s former friend, Malo, the three girls elect to cycle to Paris, selling sausages en route, a journey with unexpected results.

Piglettes‘ is a bold, sock- it-to-you, book. Mirielle shuns all sympathy, from her readers, her mother and stepfather and companions. In many ways she is thoroughly unlikeable. However, the journey, company, unexpected opportunity and discoveries, fracture her defences. We discover the real girl, the heroine, beneath the slurred image created by her bully.

Bravo Mirielle! Bravo Clementine Beauvais! ‘Piglettes‘ deserves to be in every adolescent household and classroom. It is an outstanding and original title, recommended to every young adult reader.



Clementine Beauvais

(Pushkin Press)

Straight-talking, raw and contemporary, internationally acclaimed ‘Piglettes‘, is a brave retort to cyber bullying. Bookwagon recommends this stirring title to our older readers, strongly.


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