Pigsticks and Harold: Lost in Time!


Pigsticks and Harold travel through time to encounter dinopigs, Vikings and Romans in a hilariously silly adventure. When Pigsticks wants to win first prize at the Tuptown Science Fair, there’s only one place to look for help – the future! But his rusty time machine, which he finds he is sitting on,  is hard to control.  Soon Pigsticks and Harold are landing in trouble all throughout history. Will they make it home, or be lost in time … for ever?


Pigsticks and Harold: Lost in Time!

Alex Milway

(Walker Books)

Alex Milway’s very funny (and hugely silly) series of adventures featuring hammy friends Pigsticks and Harold continues.  This time the hapless duo find themselves travelling in time on a rusty time machine.  They encounter feature dinopigs and even fiercer Vikings as they try to get back home and win the Tuptown Science Fair.  Will they ever get there?
Great laughs and lovely illustrations abound in this latest instalment of highly recommended fun.


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