Pigsticks and Harold: The Ends of the Earth


Pigsticks and Harold’s amazing adventures continue as they set off on a journey to the Ends of the Earth. Armed only with their famed sense of adventure, (some) common sense and lots of cake, they embark into the unknown. Journeying through jungles, deserts and huge mountains, the Ends of the Earth always are tantalisingly just out of reach. Disaster strikes when their last crumb of cake is stolen by villainous goats;it doesn’t look good for them.  Will they finally find the Ends of the Earth – and return home as heroes?

Alex Milway’s hilarious series is a constant joy,  very silly and lots of fun.  Bookwagon is proud to stock this wonderful series, beginning with Pigsticks and Harold: The Incredible Journey

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Pigsticks and Harold: The Ends of the Earth

Alex Milway

(Walker Books)

‘Pigsticks and Harold: The Ends of the Earth’ is another delightful title in an hilarious series by Alex Milway that includes Pigsticks and Harold: Lost in Time! In this instalment, Pigsticks’ head is full of ‘explorer’s thoughts‘.
Despite the fact that this title is within a series, it appears Harold is entering an entirely new experience. Pigsticks asks, ‘Have you ever been to the jungle? The desert?‘  Harold, who’s only at the door to deliver a parcel, recalls a visit to the beach, only. After that revelation, he’s weighed down by Pigsticks’ kit and hired to become the pig’s exploring assistant! Although this is an unforgiving role, Pigsticks is so much more overcome that he is forced to eat one of his cakes ‘just to keep going’.
The pair encounter dense jungle, breathe deeply, (for different reasons), tread on dubious stepping stones and avoid rickety rope bridges. While they encounter dangers all along, including very menacing goats, but they never waver from their goal.
‘Pigsticks and Harold: The Ends of the Earth‘ is a recommended laugh out loud, complex, rich and diverting title.that is ideal for early chapter book readers, and those who seek to be entertained.


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