Pigsticks and Harold: The Pirate Treasure!


Can Pigsticks and Harold save Tuptown from disaster when arch enemy Sir Percival Snout turns up claiming he owns the town?  Needing to raise a fortune to buy the town back, Pigsticks announces his great-great-grandpig was a pirate, and had  buried some treasure. Fortuitously finding a map leads the hapless duo on a wild and wacky adventure…involving cake.

The Pigsticks and Harold series is huge fun, very silly and full of engaging characters.  Featuring wonderfully evocative illustrations and great stories.  Perfect for children moving onto early chapter books.


Pigsticks and Harold: The Pirate Treasure!

Alex Milway

(Walker Books)

Warning!  Reading this book may induce uproarious giggles and guffaws!  Our hapless duo must fight off giant seabirds and the evil Sir Percival Snout as they heroically stumble their way towards saving Tuptown.  Oh, and they eat lots of cake too


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