Pink Lion


‘Pink Lion’, Arnold, enjoys life. He eats lovely food and spends his days at the water hole with his feathered family. It’s there that the growling gang discover Arnold. They determine that he should be hunting and roaring with them. Arnold realises that he does resemble the growling gang. He needs to give their hunting and running and washing a go.

What happens when Arnold realises that he’s happiest as a ‘Pink Lion‘ with his pink family? What have his family been up to in his absence? Have they missed him? Is everything all right at the water hole?

‘Pink Lion‘ is about knowing and respecting your true self. There is no hectoring, just a simple self assessment and self regard. Arnold is a pragmatic character, content and loyal.

Jane Porter’s white pages, simple text and bold, black outlined images are direct and impactful. I love ‘Pink Lion’.  I am delighted that Bookwagon has discovered the works of Jane Porter.


Pin Lion

Jane Porter

(Walker Books)

‘Pink Lion’ is Arnold. He plays the best games at the waterhole with his family of flamingoes. What happens when a growling gang suggest that Arnold is in the wrong family? The gang look like Arnold. They want him to go roaring and hunting! What will ‘Pink Lion’ do?


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