Planet Football


In Planet Football, Jackson’s obsession with the beautiful game causes something of an international crisis.  Jackson’s love for football knows no bounds – he loves to play every day and his knowledge of the game is vast.  One day, Jackson tries to kick a ball as far as he can and this leads to a whole lot of trouble.  The ball sails so far it ends up on the moon and soon Jackson is invited to do the same all over the place, including internationally.  It’s not long before every football ends up on the moon, leading to a world scarcity of balls.

Jackson has to negotiate with the moon folk to get the balls back, because the football World Cup is in danger of cancellation!

This very funny picture book is full of fun, lovely rhyming text by Michelle Robinson and of course brilliant illustrations by Chris Mould.

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Planet Football

Michelle Robinson, illustrated by Chris Mould

(Walker Books)

In Planet Football, Jackson is absolutely obsessed with the beautiful game.  He loves everything about football.  He loves playing it, has memorised all the stats and information about the players.  Every day, he goes outside to play, even when the weather is awful.  One grey and stormy day, Jackson goes out and what happens turns into the greatest adventure.
He wonders how far he can kick the ball?  He takes an enormous hoof at the ball and up it goes…up and up.  It keeps climbing, past the clouds, just avoiding a plane and into outer space.  The ball won’t stop, until it lands…on the moon!  His prodigious kick is spotted by a newspaper reporter and soon Jackson is internationally famous.  He is invited to kick a ball in many places and countries and all of the balls land on the moon as well.   In fact he’s kicked every football on the planet up to the moon and as a result, the World Cup is cancelled!  Meanwhile, the creatures that live on the moon have become football crazy and Jackson does a deal with them to return all the balls to earth.  Will the World Cup be able to be staged after all?
This super picture book by the team of Michelle Robinson and Chris Mould is great fun, with rhyming text and joyous illustrations.  Check out a previous collaboration, Isabelle and the Crooks, also available in the Bookwagon online bookstore.


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