Planet Omar Unexpected Super Spy


Omar returns with a crash as he opens his money box to reveal £42.53. Super cool! Omar has enough to buy a Laser Nerf Blaster. He plans the games he will play with Charlie and Daniel. However these are put to one side when Omar learns of the threat to his local mosque. This is special in his family. It’s the place of safety, friendship and where he realises his parents’ ‘secret smile’ of connection and love. Furthermore, the mosque has become a special place to his friends, and neighbours like Mrs Rogers.

Therefore, Omar resolves to begin fundraising. Yet, where to start? Obviously, he’ll donate his savings, but thereafter? Could a cake sale, bring and buy or even Charlie’s origami birds help? What about a talent show? It’s not like Omar’s scary headteacher would agree- is it? Then who might judge such an event?

Omar is such a positive, fallible, enthusiastic character that we love his company. His determination to work toward something special to his faith, family and community is inspiring. Furthermore, his flights of fancy, joy in his friendships and relationships, including Mrs Hutchinson’s curls and Lance Macintosh’s short trousers, are great fun. What a pleasure to welcome Planet Omar Unexpected Super Spy aboard the wagon!


Planet Omar Unexpected Super Spy

Zanib Mian, illustrated by Nasaya Mafaridik

(Hodder Children’s Books)

Omar has settled into his new home, school and friendships happily. So what causes him to become Planet Omar Unexpected Super Spy? Could it be something to do with his entrepreneurial zeal in fundraising for his local mosque? We realise how special his mosque is to him, for this is the place where his Mum and Dad ‘get these vibes‘ that produce a ‘secret smile‘. Certainly, Omar’s mosque has become somewhere special for his friends, Charlie and Daniel, and neighbour, Mrs Rogers, also. So why is it under threat? How might Omar help raise £30,000 towards its survival?
We met Omar first in Planet Omar Accidental Trouble Magnet. We appreciate his wild imagination, fears and loyalty. It seems like Omar is an approachable, positive boy such as we would love as a friend and classmate. Therefore, his return in Planet Omar Unexpected Super Spy is a joy! Spy? Could it have something to do with Lancelot Macintosh of the very short trousers and unnecessary cane? Well that would be telling and this reader’s lips are super sealed!



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