Can you imagine being kidnapped by alien toads? What a thought! Wouldn’t it prompt you to say Please! at the very least? It seems that this experience doesn’t inspire Bill. In fact, when he shouts ‘Give me loads‘ to the ice cream vendor and is kidnapped, he falls into an adventure. What’s more, it seems as though each stage of this adventure is utterly chaotic!

Can you imagine a spaceship journey and thereafter demanding to see the planets, as Bill does? Then again what if this might lead to you crashing into a jungle of crocs and tigers and chimps who fix the spaceship? Wouldn’t you show your best manners, or might you demand an afternoon snack? Where will that leave you?

Simon Philip and Nathan Reed unite to create a crazy, exhilarating picture book of rhyme and pace, colour and wonder albeit with a message everyone might pay heed to! Bookwagon loves and recommends Please! 

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Simon Philip and Nathan Reed


This is a salutary tale of the need for manners. It seems that Bill’s inclination to avoid the word Please! results in disaster! In fact it all begins when he wants ‘ice-cream. He ask[s] for six scoops: Give me loads!‘ Unfortunately, before Bill can reach for his cone he’s been ‘kidnapped by alien toads‘. It seems that this is the start of his adventure!
Thereafter, at any point where it seems that the use of manners would help the situation, Bill free falls into another situation! What about a spaceship to the planets? Or, thereafter, crash landing in a jungle ‘of- tigers and chips and crocs‘. Then again, falling upon a yak that races through mountains?
We delighted upon Achoo! amongst other picture books from Simon Philip. It seems that the mayhem and disorder are amplified by Nathan Reed’s cacophonous colours and glorious illustrative movement. Then again, what about the ice creams? Furthermore, is there any situation into which Bill lands that will inspire him to say Please!? Or might it be that he feels as though he’s impervious. Then again rising pumpkins, breezing beagles, llamas in coats tickling farmers in boats and cheese-mongers sneezing referees? Could these be the prompt? Furthermore, might there be other words that Bill should utter?
Bookwagon loves this crazy, wonderful, exhilarating picture book. We recommend it for bedtime reading, looking over, predicting, knowing and loving keenly.


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