Poems from the First World War


Gaby Morgan has selected a staggering variety of poems for this collection, ‘Poems from the First World War‘. We open to the rallying call at the start of the war, ‘Sons of mine I hear you thrilling/ To the trumpet call of war’. We close this selection to considering the legacy, ‘Do you remember the rats; and the stench/ Of corpses rotting on the front of the front line trench?’ 

We read poetry of the great poets, Owen and Sassoon, and those lesser known. There are familiar poems and words- ‘In Flanders Fields‘, ‘Each slow dusk, a drawing down of blinds‘, ‘And when you sleep you remind me of the dead’.  The stories of the women, the troops, the parents, the beloved, the left behind, the deserter, the wounded, the pacifist are offered in these words… The experiences, thoughts, fears and feelings of men and women who lived and died during that period are offered in this magnificent collection. ‘Poems from the First World War’ is a proud and stirring memorial of a time we must not forget.


Poems from the First World War

selected by Gaby Morgan

(Pan Macmillan in association with the Imperial War Museum)

In all men’s hearts it is./ Some spirit old/ Hath turned with malign kiss/ Our lives to mould….’- ‘On Receiving News of the War’- Isaac Rosenberg.

From the battle cry, to the rhythm of the boot beat, to the trudge and mud and endlessness. The loss of hope, the loss of sensibility, the loss of life. From news, to lack of news. Women’s roles, the deserter, the wounded, the dead. The loss of dignity, purpose and home. These are ‘Poems from the First World War’, a superb collection of poetry of the war to end all wars.


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