Poems to Live Your Life By


‘Poems to Live Your Life By’ is a collection of poetry selected by former children’s laureate, and picture maker, Chris Riddell. His selection considers life, war, nature, musings and death, amongst other topics. The works range from the traditional like John Masefield’s ‘Cargoes‘ to new, as ‘Thirteen‘ by Kate Tempest. There are works by poets from all over the world. There are internal viewings alongside great narratives, as John Keats’ ‘Ode to a Nightingale‘ alongside ‘Orphee‘ by Neil Gaiman.

Chris Riddell’s illustrations offer something extra. Somehow the contemplation of the words has a greater depth with his illustrations whether it be ‘Whitsun Weddings’ where we sight Philip Larkin’s contemplation of the experience, or the comparisons offered by A.F. Harold in ‘I Miss You’.

‘Poems to Live Your Life By’ is an outstanding poetry compilation. It is my selection for a special September birthday. Another copy resides in our home.

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Poems to Live Your Life By

Chosen and illustrated by Chris Riddell

(Pan Macmillan)- hardback

Former children’s laureate and award- winning picture book maker, Chris Riddell has created his personal collection of poetry in ‘Poems to Life Your Life By’. His choices contemplate love, death, family, nature and war. This is a ‘forever’ selection.


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