Poetry for a Change


‘Poetry for a Change‘ is a compilation of poems created by some of Britain’s leading poets. Each has thereafter offered a classic work that has influenced their craft and lives. The theme of change is constant; whether it be in the poem itself, the mood of the book, or the questions the poetry asks. It suggests readers may be provoked to change too, after reading the works, rather like ‘entering a changing room’.

Matt Goodfellow offers ‘Chameleon Kid‘ alongside Thomas Hardy’s ‘Transformations.’ Brian Moses selects his poem ‘Fire’ and ‘The Way Through the Woods‘ by Rudyard Kipling. The explanations and interpretations are really interesting and insightful for these, and the other 41 selections.

‘Poetry for a Change‘ was developed for 2018’s National Poetry Day, but this work is a ‘forever’ poetry title. It has substance, interest and real purpose. Bookwagon recommends ‘Poetry for a Change’ for classrooms and home.

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Poetry for a Change

A National Poetry Day Anthology


 ‘Poetry for a Change‘ offers a selection of works by some of Britain’s leading poets around the theme of ‘change’. Each narrates this choice before selecting a classic work that inspires them and meets the brief. The discussion is fascinating, their choices wide and various. For a slight book linked to one national day, ‘Poetry for a Change‘ carries real weight and pleasure.



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