Poetry Prompts: All Sorts of Ways to Start a Poem


Joseph Coelho offers readers and would-be writers 41 Poetry Prompts to get their writing started. There’s an ease of tone within this title that makes it all seem so possible. For example, a notebook? Just fold up paper to make your own mini notebook that you can take with you. Thereafter, getting started? What about Poetry Prompt 1, where we write one word poems!

Then again, there’s a fabulous interplay between performance, poetry form, sound and writing. For example, in Prompt 7, demonstrates how diminuendo works. Therefore, we might begin describing something loud and then falls quieter. It might be traffic or even the sound of a crying baby. Then again, what about personification? Maybe giving voice to a pen, as we read in Prompt 20. That prompt, as with every other, is followed with further examples that writers might try. Therefore, what about personifying, ‘a car, a house, an aeroplane or even the moon‘?

The warm, inviting illustrations from four contributing illustrators are very appealing. All in all, it means that Poetry Prompts: All sorts of ways to start a poem, is an ideal handbook for home or school, for child or adult. Bookwagon loves this book and recommends it highly.

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Poetry Prompts: All Sorts of Ways to Start a Poem

All sorts of ways to start a poem from Joseph Coelho, illustrated by Georgie Burkett, Gasya Oliyko, Amanda Quartey and Viola Wang

(Wide Eyed)

There are 41 Poetry Prompts within Joseph Coelho‘s manual. They seem to begin small, with one word poems, following a shape. However, each prompt seems to include an opportunity to ‘power up’. For example, prompt 16 demonstrates turning similes into metaphors. Thereafter, the power-up suggests writing four poems where a simile becomes a metaphor with each focusing upon a season. At this point we read the poet’s examples.
Then again, Prompt 25 focuses on a special day in our calendar, World Refugee Day. Thereafter, we’re asked to consider how refugees seek homes, and describe our own home. Furthermore, the power-up suggests a collaboration, whereby similarities with a friend’s poem might be used to form a new, shared poem. In fact, might it include repeating phrases?
Bookwagon loves the way that Joseph Coelho makes this art from possible and accessible. What’s more, the illustrations within this book make the whole subject inviting too. It makes this reviewer want to make a notebook and get to work. We love Poetry Prompts. Other recommended titles to inform and inspire readers and writers include How To Write Poems


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