Polka Dot Poems


Zaro Weil investigates a cacophony of nature through the one hundred haiku within her outstanding Polka Dot Poems. Therefore, we awaken with Light, and ‘oh!/ I remember you/ morning sun-breath/ all a-whirl/ through my window‘. This momentary remembering in a new day is something we’ve each experienced.

Yet when she contemplates the Goblin Shark, it’s an ‘ancient living fish/ your sword mouth/ parts water/ swims through/ millions of years’. We are awed and wondering about this creature. Through seventeen syllables, Zaro Weil has defined an intriguing species.

There is recognition of constants in our lives, such as the Sun- ‘when you shine big‘- and Stone. Thereafter we watch the water bathing of a ‘fly-shooing‘ hippopotamus.

Not only are the poems superb, eminently readable, descriptive, respectful and endorsing of each subject, but Zaro Weil goes a little further. Polka Dot Poems concludes with a section of ‘amazing facts about some of the weird and wonderful creatures‘ included here. These range from the dugong, to the star-nosed mole to the pangolin!

Lucy Wynne’s illustrations are beautiful and emphasise these superb haiku.

Polka Dot Poems is a celebration of nature and poetry. It is an ideal book for reading together and alone, reciting, gifting and realising the form. Bookwagon loves and recommends this superb new title on our poetry shelves.

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Polka Dot Poems

100 Weird and Wonderful Nature Haiku

Zero Weil, illustrated by Lucy Wynne


What would you do if you ‘were as tall’ as tree? Would you ‘give away/ all [your]shade/ all summer’? Can’t you imagine lying beneath the cool reach of the tree? It seems as though Zaro Weil can shape haiku out of moments, thoughts, observations. What’s more, she conjures up the sensations into word pictures. Therefore, we see the ‘water-whisper wall’ of the floating bubble.
Thereafter, as she explores the wonder of nature further, we discover a ‘Yeti Crab’. Through her awed writing we realise the creature’s magnificence in its ‘white hair/ white fingers/ white claws/ catching always/ black sea’. Her wonder soars anew in Forest where it is ‘stretching/ higher than high/ pulsing roots through/ juicy earth// deeper than deep‘. What glory!
Lucy Wynne’s illustrations adorn these beautiful verses almost reverently. Meanwhile this poetry book is welcomed hugely by Bookwagon. Like this poet’s earlier, award-winning and esteemed works, Firecrackers and Cherry Moon, Polka Dot Poems confirms the accessibility of poetry. Furthermore, it demonstrates how immediate and necessary it is in our lives, from our acknowledgement of the world, to our creativity. This is the skill of gifted poet.  Bookwagon recommends this perfectly created collection of haiku for reading aloud, sharing, gifting and learning. What a treasure.



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