Polly and the Puffin The New Friend


I wonder if our readers’ first days at school resemble Polly’s. There may have been a sandpit, a water table, games of tag, and even show and tell, but probably without a puffin, or even, a green-winged macaw. Polly finds leaving home- Mum and Neil, her puffin- really difficult, and then there’s the small matter of Ronita, who has dungarees, and her green-winged macaw.

‘Polly and the Puffin The New Friend’ is the third of the ‘Polly and the Puffin’ series. It measures up to its predecessors in readability, story strength, empathy and warmth in every way. ‘Polly and the Puffin The New Friend’ is a superb choice for readers beginning to get their teeth into choosing and enjoying  the opportunity to read their own books.


Polly and the Puffin

The New Friend

Jenny Colgan

(Little Brown Books)

Polly and the Puffin The New Friend’ has Polly starting school. This means leaving Nell. It seems like there is another pupil at school with her own feathered friend. Could it be that Polly and ‘The New Friend’ strike up a positive relationship without ruffling any feathers? What might it involve?
We first encountered Polly and her puffing friend in Polly and the Puffin. Bookwagon welcomes this new adventure. Furthermore we suggest your readers fly toward The Stormy Day with its drama for our delightful pair! Jenny Colgan has created a superb series for newer readers. it’s time to perch with a great book!


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