Polly and the Puffin


‘Polly the Puffin‘ is such a charming story for new readers, that includes an appealing, interesting story, amusing animal facts and even recipes! When Neil the puffin flies off course into Polly’s seaside home, Polly learns how to tend a wild bird, and that loving a wild animal comes with the responsibility to return it to the wild.

‘Polly and the Puffin‘ is respectful, solid story telling, recommended for young readers keen to become gripped by a quality children’s book. The addition of related activities and recipes only heightens the joy and attachment!

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Polly and the Puffin

Jenny Colgan, illustrated by Thomas Doherty


Polly and the Puffin opens a superb series by Jenny Colgan. What will Polly do when an off-course puffin’s blown into her home during a storm. It seems like Nell will need some care. Thankfully Mummy has lots of advice. Thereafter, could it be that Polly’s just the right person for the job! What will be involved? Will Nell recover and stay at Polly’s with her care and attention? Then again, might the pair become friends? There is so much to be discovered! What’s more, we’re invited to join the pair as Nell’s attachment grows and health improves. Then again, it seems Polly’s a lot to learn about Nell, too!
This title includes recipes, activities, and a truly readable text. Thereafter, we recommend other animals adventures, including Jess Butterworth’s splendid The Adventure Club Red Panda Rescue. It feels as though connect with Polly and want to know more about Nell. Furthermore, by creating such a unique and wonderful setting, we are captured and curious. It is rare to discover a series that is respectful of newer readers and engages. Bookwagon is proud to recommend Polly and the Puffin to fledgling, (puffling). independent readers.


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