Poo Bum


What would happen to a little Rabbit whose only response was Poo Bum? Imagine if it’s the first greeting in the morning, then again at breakfast. Furthermore, imagine if an invitation to bath time is met the same way- Poo Bum.

However, what if Poo Bum was the response to a question from Wolf. ‘May I eat you my little Rabbit?’ Then again, what if the wolf considered that he should eat the little Rabbit. In fact, might this not be the end of the story, but rather the start of a bizarre episode for  Wolf? Could it mean that the response continues? Might a doctor have to be called? A doctor who is the father of little Rabbit and recognises the symptoms and then retrieves his errant son? Would the story end there?

With bold coloured pictures, outlined in dramatic black, and a text we can hear, anticipate and delight in, Poo Bum is outstanding fun to read, laugh over, share, recite and love. Bookwagon loves Simon’s picture book adventures and recommends them highly. Poo Bum. 

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Poo Bum

Stephanie Blake, translated by Linda Burgess

(Gecko Press)

What if you lived with a little Rabbit who could only say, ‘Poo Bum‘? It would mean that this little Rabbit would greet the day, when his mother told him it was time to get up, with these words. Then again, he’d repeat the response when it was time to eat his spinach. In fact, this little Rabbit would even say it at bath time to his big sister!
Therefore, what about when a Wolf appeared, wanting to eat him? Might it be the perfect invitation to gulp him down? However, what if this is not the end of the story. In fact, what if the doctor who’s called to the poorly wolf, is little Rabbit’s father? What might this father greet his little Rabbit with if he managed to retrieve him?
Like Stupid Baby and the other tales of little Rabbit within Stephanie Blake‘s superb stable, this is laugh out loud funny. Then again, the fluency and drama, alongside our slight horror at Simon (Little Rabbit’s) behaviour is slightly delicious! What’s more, the finale is brilliant- both slightly anticipated, and then a shock, too! Bookwagon loves Poo Bum and suggests you will too!


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