Poor Little Rabbit!


Poor Little Rabbit! It seems he’s had an accident and hurt his elbow. Can you help to make him feel better? Maybe you could blow on it, or help put on a plaster? What about singing a song? Perhaps that might stop him from crying. It must be painful, so you’ll need to be very kind.

What about stoking his ears and thereafter wiping away his tears? His nose will need a good blow too! Maybe after all that, Little Rabbit will feel better and ready for a new adventure? Let’s hope so!

Bookwagon loves this early interactive picture book for very young readers. It’s part of a lovely translated series from Gecko Press. We suggest you dip into Poor Little Rabbit! with your little readers!

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Poor Little Rabbit!

Jörg Mühle, translated by Catherine Chidgey

Illustrated by Eva Eriksson

(Gecko Press)– board book

Poor Little Rabbit! It seems his elbow is hurt. Could it be that blowing on it helps? What if there’s blood? Oh dear! Can we help Rabbit’s injuries by covering his injury with a plaster? Maybe we could sing a magic rhyme thereafter? What if our injured Rabbit’s so hurt that he continues to cry. It seems that ‘stroking his ears’ might help. Thereafter, you might help him ‘wipe away those tears’. What about a ‘big blow; of the nose after that? We know that we need to comfort him. Just imagine how it would feel if we were hurt!
Sad injured bunny…. We feel his injury and want to help out! This is the character whom we met first in Bathtime for Little Rabbit, whom we’ve come to know for his joy and sense of adventure. Why, we’ve even been invited to Tickle My Ears by this loving little character. Readers will appreciate another opportunity from Jörg Mühle to meet up with this fluffy fellow, and this time to lend a hand! Thereafter, to interact with Little Rabbit through this endearing, deeply engaging early reading opportunity is a treat.


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