Pop-up Moon


Pop-up Moon provides everything a budding astronomer might need to know about the moon.  It is beautifully illustrated throughout and features magnificently constructed and ingenious pop-up dioramas.  The pop-up scenarios encourage interaction through dials and flaps.  The information is carefully composed and accompanied by vibrantly colourful illustrations.

This book is a sumptuous presentation. Bookwagon considers it a glorious marker to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of NASA’s moon landing. While Pop-up Moon is an ideal guide to our moon for the whole family, we suggest budding astronomers would wallow in its wonder. Bookwagon is proud to have discovered and to share this glorious book.

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Pop-up Moon

Anne Jankeliowitch (text), Annabelle Buxton (illustrations) and Olivier Charbonnel (paper engineering)

(Thames & Hudson)
Pop-up Moon is a comprehensive and exquisitely produced book that presents a wealth of facts about the moon.  While the popup pages elevate the subject perfectly, the quality of information elevate this book into something more special. For example, Anne Jankeliowitch explains  why the moon appears to change shape at various points throughout the year. Thereafter, we learn how it affects our planet, and what happens when we experience an eclipse.
Alongside Olivier Charbonnel’s paper engineering are beautiful illustrations. To heighten the reading experience we are invited to jump aboard a rocket to share the facts! Alongside this wonderful title, Bookwagon suggests such titles as Once Upon a Star and Survival in Space to build the wonder and learning.
Pop-up Moon was first published to coincide with the fiftieth anniversary celebrations of man’s first steps on the moon. Bookwagon considers that this book is a glorious celebration of that historic marker.


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