Prima Donna Pony


Rose is less than delighted by her unexpected competition win. After all, Maltie Delight, a famous show pony, is associated with a leading cereal. He is spectacularly beautiful and used to first class attention and confident care and handling. Rose is someone who hides from any limelight. Furthermore her encounters with ponies and horses have ended in disaster. Suddenly she’s thrown into handling a pony who seems to show his disdain for her and seek out any form of admiration. She’s taking lessons from barking Miss Pickford at Plum Orchard and overwhelmed by all the attention and expectation.

So what will it be like to endure a week with Maltie Delight at boot camp? Furthermore, how will he take it when he learns that the cereal company have rid themselves of his image and replaced Maltie with animated creatures? Both Rose and Maltie are trepidatious. Thereafter, the boot camp seems suspiciously unprepared and ill-equipped. Maltie is expected to sleep outdoors and graze on grass! Rose’s Mum and Dad are on tenterhooks about Rose’s week away. What will it mean to them all?

Prima Donna Pony is a really great story. It goes well beyond traditional equine stories to include considerations of friendship, expectation, courage and commitment. Yet more than that it is good fun and approachable. We suggest a round of marshmallow sandwiches is in order to every lucky reader who makes the wise choice to read this really enjoyable book.


Prima Donna Pony

Polly Faber, illustrated by Sara Jennings

(Walker Books)

Rose is overwhelmed by the attention she receives when she wins a Prima Donna Pony. However her prize, Maltie Delight, seems to live for the limelight. After all he’s enjoyed a show business career from cereal advertising, while Rose has managed to fade into invisibility. Therefore, this match does not seem to be made in heaven. Furthermore, Rose is reminded of awkward encounters with horses, so is anxious about what owning Mattie Delight will mean. She can see that he’s a proud pony, while she’s a shy girl. Further. Maltie is used to fuss and top class handling and attention. How on earth can Rose provide this?
First of all, Rose endures riding lessons with Maltie as part of her prize. Thereafter, she’s off to riding camp. However along the way something does not quite match the prize claims, for Rose and Maltie end up at Billy Boots’ camp. This is nothing like Plum Orchard! For one thing it means that Maltie will have to sleep outdoors and may even have to eat grass. He’s never had to tolerate anything like this. Then camp leaders Bob and Jolene seem rather uncertain of the programme. Could Rose and Maltie be up a creek without a paddle? Is this the end of their fragile relationship?
Bookwagon loves Pony on the Twelfth Floor by the same author and illustrator team. Therefore, we’re delighted to welcome Prima Donna Pony. This is a warm, funny, empathetic and knowing story. While it’s great for equine and animal lovers, there is a lot more to this tale/ tail than anyone, least of all Rose and Maltie, might expect!


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